How to choose the lubricant? The question I want to answer once and for all. What you need first and foremost to pay attention to when choosing a lubricant, water-based? Catch a hack from ECA how not to waste money, teach absolutely for free!

The secret is very simple: look at the composition of the lubricant and that's all!

Whatever you wrote on the package: natural, moisturizing, renewing, stimulating, etc. — read structure. Don't know trains? Understand it is a science. We will help you to understand what should not consist of lubricant, and why. Below we have prepared a list of ingredients that should not be included in the composition of the lubricant. It is small, but the most important thing in it.

Sexual lubricant should do your sex safe and comfortable. View compare popular brands of lubricants in the table.


Ёska. Compare popular brands of sexual lubricants. Table.

Ёska. Compare popular brands of sexual lubricants. Table.


Glycerin can cause yeast infections in women who are prone to it. Never use a lubricant with the propylene glycol and glycerin as they are key drivers of high osmolality. Lubricants with high osmolality dry and damage the cells, it makes tissue more susceptible to infection. Glycerin in lubricants is responsible for the duration of the slide, it leaves a feeling of stickiness after drying lubricant.

Parabens, fragrances, dyes, PEG, propylene glycol — are irritants to the delicate feminine tissues. These ingredients in the lubricant can cause itching, irritation and even an allergic reaction.

Perfumes/fragrances along with preservatives, are the most irritating ingredients.

In many systems, certification of organic /natural cosmetics, these ingredients are included in the prohibited list.

Do not forget that some of the ingredients applied to the skin, enters the bloodstream. With regard to the tissue of the vaginal mucosa, they are able to absorb several times more. That's why ECA makes its lubricants from pure natural raw materials. We use in our products is organic certified ingredients to make your love natural and safe.

What ingredients are used in Ёska water-based


🌿Organic aloe leaf juice moisturizes, calms, and heals. Its smooth and silky texture, ideal for prolonged slipping during intimacy.

🌿Guar gum - natural thickening agent, it has moisturizing and moisture-retaining properties. Get the gum from the seeds of the guar plant, also known as a pea tree.

🌿Organic chamomile extract provides active anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action. Accelerates the regeneration processes, has a calming effect on the mucous membrane and partially eliminates pain. In addition, chamomile helps relieve irritation, inflammation and itching.

🌿Organic flax seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals. Softens the skin, has excellent anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, which is especially valuable for women with dryness in the intimate area.

🌿Xanthan gum widely used in food products. The lubricant she gives a deliciously sensual gel texture.

🌿Citric acid is a natural preservative and helps to maintain optimal pH levels.

🌿Potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate - safe preservatives is allowed in natural and organic cosmetics.


Love health!🌿💕



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