Анальный секс. Лубрикант смазка для анального секса-eska-ëска-смазка-на-масляной-основе-ёska.jpg

Some might think that anal sex is a recent practice, but they are wrong. Since the beginning of civilization people have expressed interest in this kind of sex. Yes, many may disagree with me, but the truth is that more than 50 % of couples have tried anal sex at least once. And those who hit it like made it a regular part of sexual intercourse. There are also those who have never tried anal sex for various reasons, but I want to try.

The first thing you need to remember that the anus, unlike the vagina, does not produce enough lubrication, so it is obvious that in the case of anal sex without lubrication is not enough. So, what can be done? Buy lubricant for anal sex a perfect solution that will save you. This is not only our recommendation, but experts in the field of health. In some cases, if the couple does not use sufficient lubricant during anal sex can lead to tearing in the anus, as well as to a number of diseases. Thus, without any doubt, anal lube is the perfect thing that will make penetration easier and more comfortable.

There are many lubricants that will slide well and make anal sex enjoyable, whether it be grease, water, oil or silicone based. However, for those who are important to the quality of lubrication, we recommend you to study its composition before you buy. Give preference to natural lubrication (such as ECA ECA water-or oil-based), not synthetic. A good sexual lubricant will not only make your anal sex exciting and comfortable, but also, to some extent, safe.