Зачем нужен лубрикант

Lubrication is of great importance for sex. Lubrication is your body's way of tell you that you're excited. You can't have a comfortable and successful sex without enough lubrication. 

Every woman secretes different amount of natural lubrication. But if you feel excited, but lubrication is not enough, is to figure out the cause and find a solution, so you can enjoy good sex.

According to the study about one-third of young women say from time to time experiencing dryness in the vagina. A lower moment of foreplay and rush in sex games before getting quite excited. The kind of sex may be accompanied by painful sensations and discomfort. And about this you should tell your partner.

Factors such as stress, birth control pills, low estrogen levels, pregnancy, breast-feeding, postoperative status, menopause and some medications - can cause dryness in the vagina. 


Even if you have no problems with personal lubrication, using special sexual lubricant you can improve the quality of sex. According to a study women who used a lubricant during sexual intercourse and reported significantly higher level of satisfaction and pleasure compared with women who did not use lubricant. An additional slide will not hurt anyone, but on the contrary will make your sex hotter. Lubricant can be used as additional stimulation in foreplay, which will provide you a greater sensitivity to caress partner. Buy a tube of natural lube and keep it always there at the right time to use it. This works perfectly!

At online stores, sex shops, pharmacies - you can buy a silicone based lubricant, oil-based and water-based. For most couples, natural water-based lubricant is the best choice. It can be used with condoms, it is ideal for vaginal sex, and is easily washed off (without washing silicone lubricant and grease, petroleum-based, you can hurt yourself, causing infections of the genitourinary system). Women have a tendency to yeast infections should look for a lubricant that contains no glycerin, because it can cause a yeast infection. Beglyarova grease - Eco water-based.

Buy some lubricant and enjoy the hot sex your best choice!