Organic or natural lubricant - this is the only thing you can put on your body. 

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For your sexual pleasure there are lubricants that can be safely applied to the skin. The mucous membrane of the vagina and the anus is much more sensitive than other areas of the skin exposed and easier to damage and irritation from synthetic lubricants. Natural lubrication is much more physiological and is perceived as a natural your skin.

Today, most of those lubricants that are on sale in shops, pharmacies and sex shops, are made of synthetic chemicals. For this reason, those who use lubricants, often complain of a feeling of irritation, burning, and even allergic reactions after using them. 

   Natural lubricant

The main advantage of natural lubrication obviously will be the absence of any harmful substances. Though if on it the manufacturer wrote that it is natural, it does not protect from unnecessary purchases. Here is a list of what should not be part of the natural lubrication:

1. Glycerin (for cosmetics it's good, but not for intimate lubricants)

2. Fragrances

3. Parabens

4. Alcohol

5. Chlorhexidine

6. Propilenglikol

7. Polyethylene glycol (PEG)

8. Menthol

9. Sugar

10. Vazilin, paraffin, mineral oil

Make sure before you buy a lubricant that it doesn't have all the listed ingredients.

 How to make the right choice?

First, certified organic ingredients guarantee you purity and quality of lubrication. If the stock is first thing ingredients this tells us about what the manufacturer thinks of the quality of their products. 



Please note the preferred ingredients in the composition of natural lubricant: gel aloe Vera extract, flax seed extract, chamomile extract, guar gum, gum carob, xanthan gum, coconut oil, cocoa butter, sea buckthorn oil, vitamin E. This all natural ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the vagina, without damaging or irritating it. The aloe Vera gel in the lubricant to form a deep velvety texture, moisturizes and heals. Cocoa butter and Shea butter perfectly nourishes the skin, making it velvety. Coconut oil in the lubricant gently melts on the body, gives a pleasant tactile feeling, besides, it has antifungal, wound-healing and moisturizing properties. Vitamin E helps the skin to stay supple and also acts as a natural preservative.  

To understand what natural or organic lubricant, you need to try it once and never go back to synthetic lubricants.

Enjoy love!🌿💕