Мой муж меня не хочет, ёska,  eska,

The theme, which is not to say. A topic which causes a lot of shame and guilt. 

Agree, jokes about wives always suffer from headaches much more common than jokes about men denying their wives in intimacy. Meanwhile, the Internet tells us that the lack of sex in marriage is one of the most popular women's requests. Woman's own "shameful" the question "why husband does not want" can only ask a search engine or very very very close, considerate, understanding a friend that perhaps she suffers from the same and doesn't know the answer to this question. Woman single-handedly overcomes this problem, sometimes destroying himself with thoughts "what's wrong with me?" or "my fault."

Stereotyped behavior tells us about what a man should want a woman, always and everywhere, and if he doesn't, then it is curve, oblique, thick, flat and even some kind. This is not so. The idea of this kind only exacerbates the situation and can only come from serious external pressure of society on the female half of the population.

Today, the culture of the masses tells us that sex is a relationship between a man and a woman, and the main core of them is a woman. She "neck, where I want to twirl," she "weather in the house", etc. All you need to understand is that you love your husband and want intimacy with him. And if all the rest of your relationship all the same trusting, warm and friendly, the problem should be solved in a constructive conversation. No complaint, no resentment, no quarrel, nor silence, namely conversation. Close article "10 reasons why a husband doesn't want me" and go to her husband, because to live in anxiety not effective and harmful to health. "I love you and want to have sex with you, I really miss it". You may hear in response "I love you, I don't know what's wrong, come together to solve the problem."

It sometimes happens that one of the partners desire to have sex is like a biological need, and the other remains. And that's the problem, how to solve, to understand, you reviewing each situation individually. Although it should be and understanding, from a lack of sex never killed anyone, then the problem will seem not so scary and easier it will be to find a way to solve it. Ask, "what do you want?".

A friend of mine told me an incident which helped one couple. His friend shared that with her husband they have almost no intimacy, because "the husband does not want to". At this point, they just walked past the adult store and he almost got there my friend. She at first hesitated, and then slipped out the back of the shop and after some time he found her at the cash register already with the purchase. With the night the sex life of this girl and her husband is normal. What she bought, she never said, but it looks like she guessed the sexual desire of her husband. Just like can problems solved. In this case, even constructive dialogue is not needed)