There is only one answer: of course you should! When it comes to enhancing the pleasure of lovemaking, it is the principle – the more grease, the better. As the natural lubricant may be depleted from time to time referring to a number of reasons (e.g. stress, medication, and birth control pills), so the use of lubricant facilitates penetration, thus sex is fun and doesn't hurt. But using lubricant can be useful even if you have no problems associated with dryness. The use of lubricant contributes to the excitement and allows him to prolong the pleasure, without causing you discomfort.

Though lubrication can be made from water, oil, petroleum and silicone, the best option is to lubricant, water – based: it is safe if you use condoms (lubricants oil and petroleum based lead to the depletion of latex); it is easily removed (when using a lubricant based on silicone increases the risk of infection, as it is not water soluble and it is difficult to wash off and, accordingly, any bacteria that had been there); it will not stain sheets. If you are susceptible to thrush, use the product without glycerin, water-based (sugar, contained in the glycerin – food for the thrush, it promotes the growth Candide) for the pleasure of sliding.


Selecting a lubricant (you test and determine the brand that you like), keep it by my bed to make it easier to find her. When you and your man are flirting with each other, excited by role-playing games, squeeze into palm of hand a small amount of lube and warm it in your palms. Then slowly apply from the tip of the penis to the base. Let your partner also applied grease to the point of excitation. And believe me, this effect of moisture and smooth gliding, increases the thrill of lovemaking.

The water-based lubricant is ideal for sex toys. Before you bring in your favorite toy, just lubricate it with lubricant, the result will please you.

When you are ready to commit an act with condoms, you can intensify your sensations, just apply a gel lubricant in the condom, not the penis (otherwise, the condom can easily fall off the penis). Additional lubrication when using condoms are necessary primarily to reduce friction. Condoms increase friction, but that's an easy fix: apply a bit of lube and the natural moisture is guaranteed.

During sex add lubricant when the appearance of dryness. Just hold that thought, let your partner leave you so you can put more lubricant on the condom, and then come back in again. Do not overdo it with grease, a little grease will facilitate penetration, while many may interfere with stimulating contractions.

When it comes to anal sex, there is no grease just will not do. Rectum secretes lubrication, unlike the vagina and if you try anal sex without lubricant, the woman may experience pain, and the man is able to damage the frenulum on the penis. To avoid discomfort, use a lubricant. 


The most important argument why you need to try the use of lubricants is that women who are long in the pair and accustomed to the caresses of his partner, not always able to quickly get aroused or become damp enough to quickly begin to have sexual intercourse. And here comes to the aid of a lubricant. First, as mentioned above, it helps increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones at the time of foreplay. But most importantly, it will help a woman to feel naturally hydrated, which contributes to a comfortable and painless penetration of a penis into a vagina.

Dryness in the vagina can come and go throughout sexual intercourse, regardless of how you filed. Very often the grease disappears when sex lasts for a long time. Tip one: use the grease can and should be. This will significantly increase the quality of your sex and diversifies it.

When choosing a lubricant, remember that it is better if it is natural and safe.