What kind of lubricant to choose: water, oil, or silicone based?😥

There are three main types of lube: water-based, silicone-based and oil-based. Each of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. What kind of grease is best for you depends on the type of sexual games that you are going to do, and the individual characteristics of your body, and how long you usually last sex, etc. In this article we have compiled a detailed guide to lubricants are water and silicone based that it was easy to understand and to choose. Went...


The most widely used today are lubricants water-based. There are many reasons for this. They are sold everywhere and are cheaper than silicone lubricants. Lubricants water-based are easily understood and absorbed. They rarely cause irritation and less all the others tend to increase your chances of getting a yeast infection if a lubricant without glycerin. The water-based lubricant is the most versatile, so it can be used for vaginal, oral or anal sexual intercourse are compatible with all sex toys, latex and polyurethane condoms. Most of them are tasteless, so you can get a oral sex at any time.

That lubricant water based recommended by doctors for the treatment of and daily use during vaginal dryness, which can occur due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, breast feeding, menopause, stress, taking medicines and other reasons. A water-based lubricant can be called the most safe and effective for women. It is lighter in texture and mimics the natural lubrication of women. Moreover, it is often included components that additionally take care of the vaginal mucosa, moisturizing and nourishing it. Vitamin E, chamomile, aloe Vera, flax seeds are excellent for these purposes. Lubricant water-based have the necessary pH 3 - 4.5, which is important for women's health. And most importantly, most of them do not require rinsing. If necessary, it can be easily removed with plain water without using soap, which dries the skin.



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In addition to positive aspects, the lubricant is water-based and negative. It would be better to call the reasons why this type of lubricant may not apply to you. The first is that the lubricant is absorbed by the skin. All lubricants are water-based with time absorbs into the skin, and you may need re-applying them during sexual intercourse. The average duration of the slide lubricant, water-based is 4 to 7 minutes. The average duration of penetrative sex is 5.4 minutes. Statistics tell us that for most, a lubricant, water-based suitable for comfortable lovemaking. If this time not enough for you, you can always add some lube. For those who are accustomed to long sex and need additional lubrication, we recommend to look at another type of lubricant. The second reason why the lubricant is water based may not apply to you, is that the vast majority of them are composed of glycerin, parabens, propylene glycol, sugar, flavourings, making them unsafe for regular use. The vaginal tissues are very delicate and have a high nestles ability, and to prevent irritation, avoid aggressive chemicals. Recently, the lubricants are water-based were divided into synthetic and natural, and this is due to the fact that more and more foreign studies draw attention to the insecurity of certain ingredients included in the composition of lubricants. And, of course, choose a lubricant without glycerin. Glycerin promotes yeast infection and that he can leave after drying, the feeling of stickiness. And finally, the third reason – lubricant, water-based cannot be used in water, because it instantly washed away.


Grease based on silicone are a little less popular in comparison with water-based lubricant. These lubricants have a more thick, dense, relatively lubricants water-based texture. The most important advantage is that silicone is not absorbed by the skin and for this reason, slips are much longer lubricant water based. Lubricant, silicone-based, because sustainable, long-slip, more suitable for anal sex. Such a lubricant can safely be used for sex games in the shower, in the tub, the pool, and not fear that it will wash off with water. Silicone grease is not toxic. A lubricant based on silicone have only two or three components and contain no preservatives. As a rule, do not cause skin irritation and allergic reaction (check lubricant before use if you are sensitive to silicone).

In addition to the benefits based lubricants silicone have certain disadvantages. First on the list is the fact that silicone is necessary to wash immediately after intercourse as it can cause irritation of the vaginal mucosa. To wash the silicone is not so easy, here you will not dispense soap. Even though it rarely happens, but some people have bad skin perceives the silicone. Another disadvantage is that silicone lubricant cannot be used with silicone sex toys. You can use toys that are made of glass, metal, plastic, wood, etc. third, the silicone lube can leave marks on fabrics, have a terrible, bitter taste and is not pleasant during oral sex. The fourth disadvantage is important for lovers of natural. Silicone is a synthetic polymer, moreover, is not biodegradable, so most types of silicones are not used in natural and organic cosmetics. For women who want to get additional care of the intimate area, it is also important that silicone lubricants are not harmful, but do not revitalize the skin, does not moisturize and do not nourish it. And last, silicone lubricants are more expensive.

For clarity, we have made a comparison table of lubricants on silicone and water basis, where the briefly showed the main characteristics of each type.

Comparison of lubricants water-based lubricants and silicone-based. Table

Comparison of lubricants water-based lubricants and silicone-based. Table


Lubricant can make sex more comfortable and enjoyable. But not all lubricants are suitable for everyone. We tried to show advantages and disadvantages sascoc water-and silicone-based.

Personally, I believe a water-based lubricant is better though, because it is natural and organic as opposed to synthetic silicone. This lubricant is cheaper and can be used with all sex toys and its easy to wash off with water. Besides, for women it fits much better than silicone. But if you like to have sex all night, try a delicious natural alternative to silicone - lubricant oil-based, 100% plant origin. 

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