Female orgasm is always a bit mysterious, surrounded by many myths and unfounded conclusions. Some women feel a sense of shame and can't finish, others think that they can not experience orgasm, and some do not believe that sex is good, if they have not experienced multiple orgasms. It's time to deal. Myths, fiction and facts about the needs of our vagina.

Orgasm for men only

It is best to start with the most absurd myth. For some reason, male orgasms for many centuries was recognized as perfectly normal because of its reproductive qualities, while the female orgasm was seen as something shameful. Just because female orgasm is not associated with the process of conception does not mean that a woman is unworthy to experience it. Female body is created in such a way that we, as men, can enjoy the intimacy, and we just want to have sex and have fun. That is so simple and natural. The woman should not be ashamed of their desires.

If there is no orgasm from penetrative sex, then this is not normal

This is one of the most dangerous myths for women. Many people think that if they are unable to experience vaginal orgasm, it means that they or their partner something wrong. Now, most women are able to experience orgasm only through clitoral stimulation. In that case, if the clitoris is close to the vagina, orgasm during penetrative sex experience much easier. When the clitoris is far away, to have an orgasm becomes more difficult. Research suggests that in fact only 25% of women may experience vaginal orgasm. The remaining women who most need clitoral stimulation. And this is perfectly normal. 

Multiple orgasms don't exist

Multiple orgasms are completely real and achievable for every female in contrast to men. Just don't stop stimulation after reaching the first orgasm and after a while may follow next.

 The female orgasm is more intense than men's

It's hard, because technically we can't really know exactly. However, according to known facts, women can have several orgasms in a row, men don't. In addition, the female orgasm usually lasts longer than men's, and it was therefore considered more intense and enjoyable.

Masturbation reduces the chances of orgasm during sex

This myth is categorically untrue. Masturbation, which is considered something dirty, awkward and shameful, this is another taboo subject. All of this is the exact opposite of the facts. How can you expect someone to give you pleasure, when you do not know how to please yourself. You can masturbate, to have sex and to reach orgasm within the same day.

Only with physical stimulation to reach orgasm

Want believe, want, no, that's wrong! There are so-called extragenital orgasm that can happen to a woman when none of her touches. For example, a woman can bring herself to orgasm including erotic fantasy or seeing an erotic dream.

With female orgasm is not so difficult as many think. It is important to know some physiological characteristics of women and loving your body, then it is easier to understand themselves and their desires. A good orgasm often involves knowing your body and the ability to own them. Of course, in particular, much depends on men. It can be configured to obtain a discharge or want more vivid sexual contact.