80% of women during perimenopause experience vaginal dryness and about 50% of women during menopause continue to experience vaginal dryness. 

Common sense tells us that the libido in women begins to weaken after menopause. Many people think that night sweats and hot flashes are not compatible with a healthy sex life.

This is a long-standing misconception is a relic of the era when the role of women was related to childbirth, and women were not supposed to enjoy sex. But they are not based on scientific evidence. The decline itself desires is not a menopausal symptom. On the contrary, it is due to a number of factors both physiological and psychological. The symptoms of menopause in women can be treated easily and do not signify the end of sexual life.

Vaginal dryness is one of these symptoms. As a rule, the problem of dryness, is established after menopause. However, this can be corrected with the help of various drugs that increase estrogen. The dryness can cause discomfort and pain, not only during penetrative sex, but in everyday life. Gynecologists recommend the use of moisturizing lubrication during sex.

How to choose moisturizing lubricant

To start moisturizing lubricant should be water based. This lubricant is versatile and suitable for all types of sex, does not require rinsing and leaves no stains. Many women prefer lubricants are water-based due to their natural texture. Moisturizing lubricant must not contain:

· Glycerin

· Flavors

· Parabens

· Propylene glycol


· Alcohol

· Sugar

· Hlorgeksidin

All of these substances may be present in lubricants, moisturizing creams, gel lubricants, but they negatively affect the vaginal mucosa, irritating the sensitive tissue.

It is better to choose the grease without harsh chemicals, which includes active moisturizers. The aloe Vera gel, gulubova acid, guar gum, chamomile, flax seeds, etc., Such components will be well to moisten a dry vagina, without damaging its delicate tissue. Choose natural lubricants and not synthetic. This will increase your chances of feeling during sex.

Talk to your doctor to diagnose the exact cause of your dryness and create an effective treatment plan. Some physiological symptoms of menopause are inevitable. However, reduced libido is often more psychological than symptom of menopause. A woman of any age can love and give this love to your partner. You can safely reduce the symptoms of vaginal dryness by using a good lubricant and continue to have sex as before.