If you eat organic food and use natural cosmetics, why don't you stick to the same principles and use organic products in the bedroom? A specific example, natural lubricant for sex. 

Hearing the word fat, a memory, a number of well-known brands, "redeeming" a combination of glycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, chlorhexidine gluconate, gluconolactone of, of methylparaben and sodium hydroxide, used to prepare you for intimacy or relieve discomfort in the form of vaginal dryness during sex. 

If you are a chemist and get lost in the ingredients list, pay special attention to "chlorhexidine gluconate - antibacterial agent". In any case, never use any lubricant, with chlorhexidine gluconate, because this substance kills the healthy vaginal bacteria. 

Fortunately, there are natural lubrication that can be purchased.  

For starters: why use lubricant? Anal sex impossible without lubrication, and without it it is difficult to do using sex toys. Gynecologists recommend the use of a lubricant when you use a condom, and in the case of an insufficient number of personal lubrication.

We're not talking about those cases when the partner is not enough time devoted to arousing a woman. Assume that the partners have given this enough time, but some women do not produce the necessary amount of self lubrication. Especially often it occurs among those who are breastfeeding, taking oral contraceptives or those who have menopause. 

Для тех, кто пользуется презервативами — это вопрос безопасности и удовольствия. На презервативах, даже если они со смазкой, ее недостаточно, и это является основной причиной того, почему они рвутся. Немного лубриканта, добавленного на кончик презерватива, это способ, при помощи которого партнер может получить больше удовольствия и сохранить презерватив целым.

For those who use condoms is a matter of safety and pleasure. On condoms, even if they are lubricated, it is not enough, and this is the main reason why they break. A little lube added to the tip of the condom is the method by which the partner can receive more pleasure and keep the condom intact.

With regard to the above-mentioned three groups of women who may need help in the Department of intimate lubricants, it is necessary to clarify how women are aroused. When this happens, there is a rush of blood to the vaginal walls, which stimulates the selection. Estrogen — an important hormone that regulates the movement of blood. In women who are breastfeeding, taking oral contraceptives or who have menopause, there is a low level of estrogen and personal lubricant no longer being produced in sufficient quantity. That's why in these cases you should use the lubricant.


The vaginal wall is very thin and sensitive, able to absorb more than half of what you inflict. It is better to avoid the interaction of certain substances in the composition of the lubricant, your vagina. In this list all substances that have a warming and cooling effect, because they irritate the skin. These include menthol, peppermint, cinnamon, capsaicin... Their continued use can lead to terrible skin reactions.

Not give preference to any specific brand, you should always verify the absence of hazardous ingredients. One of them, for example, in cosmetics, many have raised concerns, namely parabens. According to the "Movement for safe cosmetics" it's the preservatives that disrupt the endocrine system, have a toxic effect on reproductive function, the immune system, neurosystem and cause skin irritation. 

The problem is ambiguous. Frequently cited cases of breast cancer due to parabens — the result of a poorly conducted study in which was involved the control group. There are more serious factors undermining the endocrine system, such as phthalates, which should first be deleted from our lives before to sound the alarm about parabens. But if you want a lubricant without parabens, so you can find. These include natural lubricants.

Silicone is a synthetic polymer, alien for skin substance that does not restore the hydrolipidic barrier: no moisture, no food. Components of silicone can affect the functions of normal skin, enveloping her. Despite the fact that silicone provides the softness it gives the skin moisture. Have you noticed how it becomes silky skin after the application of synthetic Foundation and lotions? After rinsing you feel the tightness and dryness of the skin. Silicone requires flushing, otherwise it may cause violation of the microflora. 

Oil and components of oil-based (Mineral Oil, Liquid Paraffin, Vaseline) is able to envelop the skin, thereby to hinder and prevent the permeability and functional properties of your skin. They act as a sealant and drain so the necessary lubrication of the vagina. Components oil-based can also contain impurities, the use of which is the cause of health problems, including cancer. Often these components are contained in the composition of the multipurpose lubricants, such as vaseline and mineral oil. Grease is made of petroleum-based can destroy latex condoms, and to create an unfavorable vaginal environment, vulnerable to infection. Many are confused because of the similarity of the texture-based lubricants pure plant oils and lubricants of mineral oil in the composition, mistakenly thinking that they both cause harm. However, these are two essentially different ingredient.

Synthetic lubricants have a negative impact on the delicate vaginal mucosa. To avoid unpleasant effects and sensations after the use of low-quality greases, it is better to choose natural lubricants. This more modern type of lubricants are safe for both women and men.


Натуральная смазка Ёska

Натуральная смазка Ёska

When choosing a lube note to it was without glycerol. Despite the fact that glycerin causes yeast infection it is present in practically all lubricants and even natural. By itself, the glycerin used for the sliding effect and as a cosmetic ingredient it is completely harmless, but only if it is not included in the composition of the lubricant.

Recent studies showed that glycerol is not suitable for use in intimate areas, as it is directly associated with an increased risk of Contracting sexually transmitted infections, damage to the vaginal mucosa and the development of yeast infection. For this reason, many foreign companies that produce natural lubricant and organic lubricant, refused to add it and produce lubricants without glycerin.


The best lube is natural and organic lubricant. Try natural lubricant water-based. He is well perceived of the vaginal mucosa, safe, good slip resistant and leaves no residue on the bed. Special nice smooth texture provides a combination of gel from the leaves of aloe Vera and guar gum. These natural ingredients in the lubricant gel creates a texture similar to the natural lubrication of a woman, not sticky and leaves a feeling of velvety. It will be good if the composition is hypoallergenic skin care ingredients: aloe Vera, chamomile, vitamin E etc. certified Organic ingredients in the grease it will be an added advantage and a proof of purity, safety and quality natural lubricant. This is the best option for the delicate mucosa of the vagina of the female even during pregnancy and lactation.

Those who don't want to put on your body synthetic silicone, you should pay attention to its natural alternative - lubricant oil-based. It is better to choose a lubricant oil-based and to whom are important the effect of natural long slide. Oil for erotic massage Eka has a creamy velvety texture that is achieved during a special whipping oils. They gently hold on the body, enveloping you in the incredible smells of "chocolate". The perfect combination of oils, natural lube is coconut oil, cocoa butter and Shea. Shea butter have nutritional properties, relieves dryness, coconut oil is antifungal, wound healing and moisturizing, cocoa butter gently care for your skin, regenerates skin cells, rich in vitamins and omega acids. Oil can be used for sensual erotic full body massage and tender caresses intimate areas and it does not require rinsing. Very good for Masturbation and anal sex. Lubrication oil-based can be used with silicone toys, and after use to wash off the oil with soap and water. Just remember that the oil lubricant cannot be used with latex condoms, only polyurethane condoms.

Let your sex be the best!🌿💕